The recent clash between Chris Brown and Quavo has flared up again following shots fired by the R&B star on the deluxe version of his album “11:11.” Quavo swiftly retaliated with his track “Tender,” prompting Brown to respond with his own diss track titled “Weakest Link.”

In his verse, Brown asserts his dominance with lines like, “Let’s get down to the facts, I’m dripped in red. Don’t be fooled by this R&B persona, guys get torn apart.” He takes aim at Quavo’s image, calling him out for portraying himself as a tough guy while referring to him as the “weakest link” among his crew.

Brown doesn’t hold back, addressing personal matters such as alleged infidelities, showing a disregard for past relationships. He also takes a jab at Quavo’s authenticity, questioning his claims of being a leader in the rap game.

In a poignant moment, Brown references Takeoff, a member of Migos, showing respect for his authenticity compared to Quavo. The track is a testament to the ongoing tension between the two artists, with Brown asserting his dominance and challenging Quavo to prove himself.

You can listen to the track here

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